Tango mio d’amour

The Tango mio d’amour show

Dominica Merola features Tango mio d’amour.  This show has been performed  at Le Théâtre Outremont  for the first time and is performed by three musicians. It is a mirror of Montreal’s population diversity with a strong flavour of world music taking into account the variety of languages and the type of music associated with the repertoire.



With her show, she takes us on an enchanting musical voyage with her sensual, strong and nuanced voice and her piano mastery. This modern Bohemian sings about passion in French, Italian and Spanish in all of its facets: jealousy, the need to live life to the fullest, the passing of time.

Her repertoire includes her own creations as well as the great classics (including some from Piazzola and Gardel).  She is accompanied by the excellent musician Pierre Grimard at the piano and accordeon and by Mathieu Gagné playing  base. Choregrapher Elaine Salvail  provided her much appreciated assistance to set up this show.