Piano-voice Concert

Piano-Voice Concert

For a number of years, Dominica has developed her own brand of solo concert mixing  her very distinctive  and sensuous voice to  her subtle  and clear piano notes enthralling the public in Canada, Europe and the USA with her sharp  and contrasting feelings.


Alone at the piano, Dominica Merola performs her own repertoire from the four albums she has recorded and she  also revisits, in her own unique way, works from great Canadian artists such as Jean-Pierre Ferland and Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah). A nod to her Italian origins, she enjoys adding Mediterranean colour to her show and sings in Italian.  She also happily offers number of her own songs acting as music composer and lyric writer on her own or in some circumstances with the help of others. 

Generous and passionate, Dominica Merola shares an intimate yet powerful moment with audiences.


Singer-songwriter, performer and pianist, Dominica was born in Montréal into a family of artists. She started learning piano playing when she was 5 years old and since never left what became for her a deep rooted passion. She was thus  immersed in music from an early age, and rapidly took advanced training in classical and jazz music, as well as musical comedy. Her Italian father is a painter-sculptor, and her Quebec mother is an actress.


She began her career in 2000 and very quickly seduced audiences in Quebec, North America and Europe, with her on-stage charisma and her sensual, powerful yet delicately nuanced voice.



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