Thanks to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for the Tour in France during the spring of 2024

The tour in France in the spring of 2024 was a great success and Dominica Merola would like to thank the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec for its major contribution to financing this tour, allowing her to travel across France to offer shows that included magnificent songs from the Quebec repertoire as well as his own compositions.

Her first concert, sold-out,  took place in the new and magnificent theater of Bar-sur-Seine with the presence of local choirs, including the Barbeline with whom she had already sung in 2022 to celebrate the four hundredth birthday of Margueritte Bourgeois

After celebrating a  «fille du Roy» (Jeanne Languille) from Artannes sur Indre (Touraine), in this town in 2022, Dominica returned there in 2024 to offer her “piano-voice” concert at the Saint Maurice church.

Reinvited for the third time in the Dordogne region, Dominica performed at the Saint-Germain-et-Mons performance hall (Bergerac) and in the magnificent church of the historic village of Saint-Geniès.


Also a third visit to Vendée allowed Dominica to perform at the church of Poiré-sur-Vie accompanied for certain tunes by the Aizenay choir and the Vent d’ouest musical workshop


This tour was crowned by the performance at the Barbara Hendrix hall in Laval ( Mayenne region) during the annual meeting of all the members of the sixty France-Quebec associations. Dominica has been accompanied on several occasions by the Késaco string orchestra from Laval.

The continuous applause from the public present in large numbers as well as the many frankly enthusiastic comments from show organizers already allow us to anticipate very promising tour projects!

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