A very successful Taiwan Tour full of emotions

Dominica’s Tour in Taiwan together with her Taiwanese long  time friend , soprano singer Ching-Hui Kuo has been widely applauded . First, again thank you very much to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec  for its major financial contribution .  This tour received its final consecration upon issuance othe recommendations isssued by a committee of judges who attended the  concert à The National Taichung Theater.  The English translations of the recommendations written in Mandarin read as follows:  


An evaluation committee of Taichung  National Opera was present a the concert and make positives recommendations to  all concerts halls in Taiwan. 


Very thoughtful and innovative content including original compositions , classic film soundtracks and songs. The music selection is very careful. 


Singer song writer Dominica Merola’s voice is naturally expressive, her timber and stage charm uterly charming.  The songs she creates are also very beautiful.





Here are some Tour picks:


National Recital Hall de Taipei

Banana Music Kaoshiung

National Taichung Theater Black Box

Taipei National University of Education

 Tchang Kai Check Memorial

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