On line concert by Dominica at the église de la Visitation December 17 to 25

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En attendant minuit (Awaiting Christmas Eve) is also the name of  a song  composed by Dominica and co-written  by her sister Caroline.  It describes all the emotions of a familly gathering  during  Christmas Evening.   The song has been launched as a single and has beeen playing on several radio stations  for the 2018 Christmas period. 

The program of the show and also the album  is also made of great  conventional Christmas songs . Among others : Silent night, Ave maria, Greeensleeves,  Tu scendi dalle stelle and several other well known  songs, including  a french version of Glory Alleluia and one of Kumbaya  my Lord  (Dominica created the French Lyrics) and Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen.

With her repertory, she attracts  a very broad public  and meets the soul of every family  in expressing the thrill and the feelings during Chistmas eve.  Critics of her show in Quebec and France have been excellent.

This Christmas concert featuring Dominica’s magnificient voice is proposed with two other musicians.   Instruments include piano, cello, keyboard and guitar.  For several songs, Dominica will be playing    piano while singing. 

A concert of exception. Viewers have been enthralled by singer Dominica Merola’s fascinating voice … and her charismAt the end of the show she was rewarded by a thunderous applause and by endless requests for encores.   Such a splendid evening  to be remembered. Nadine Clavier, Journalist, le Berry Républicain (France), Saint-Florent-sur-Cher,  December  15, 2018

Dominica has beeen offering several Christmas concerts, the most recent in 2019, at the Église de la Visitation  church. In  Belgium in 2019 when invited by a local choir  (la chorale de Saint-Géry du Vieux Genappe) and in 2018 in Bourge, France  also on an invitation basis  from local choir (Vicus Aureus).

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