Dominica celebrates Marguerite Bourgeois huge journey at the Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel

Dominica will feature a new show  tailor-made for the event : Le grand voyage de Marguerite Bourgeois (Marguerite Bourgeois huge journey)  at the  Notre Dame de Bonsecours chapel  octobre 9-2021 at 8.00 p.m Dominica will be  assisted by two other very talented musicians: Pierre Grimard -keyboards  and  Vincent Bélanger – cello. You already can purchase […]

Taiwan Tour project for 2023

This project is the fruit of a friendship between two international artists:  Taiwanese soprano Ching Hui Kuo and Montreal based Canadian Dominica Merola singer-songwritter and pianist.  This video was produced and recorded at a distance of more than 12 000 km: an ocean and a continent separated the two. Dominica composed the music and Ching […]

New song created during spring lock-down of 2020

  Dominica is pleased to present the video of the new song Maria (Music: Alain Pernod, words: Alain Pernod and Dominique Therrien). The work has been entirely performed in Dominca and Alain’s house  in accordance with the prevailing public health guidelines.  

Dominica sings Kumbaya My Lord Dominica to pay tribute to the earth

FOR THE 2019 EARTH’S DAY Dominica decided to pay tribute to the earth by singing Kumbaya My Lord for the 2019 Earth’s Day. This song pays tribute to all ressources produced on earth and also to our cherished freedom of expression. For numbre of years, the earth is subject to multiple agressions . Kumbaya My […]

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